Shady Landlady

The Saga of the Short Circuit

This is ongoing as we speak but this definitely needs an information dump so you can catch up with what’s going on. 

Two weeks ago, the pipe under the sink in our apartment burst and, as you’d expect, leaked water all over the place. Now, my landlady isn’t exactly Little Miss Legal and tries to do everything on the cheap so I wasn’t really surprised when she got someone she knew to try and fix it. That someone being her husband as far as I could tell (she’s Chinese and so was the man who came to fix it). 

They managed to fix the leak so I thought all was well and good. I was wrong. 

Some lunatic decided when they built this apartment decided that a plug under the sink was a brilliant idea. Never mind that it’s illegal in the U.K., it was fitted there and then had a cupboard put in front of it. You can guess what the water did to the socket. 

Half the flat was without electrics for a week. My Landlady decided to save money to get someone else she knew to fix that. That someone was the delivery driver for the takeaway downstairs who used to be an electrician. 

He managed to get the electric working again for a day and I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief. Until I tried to have a shower. 

Something was wrong with the boiler because it blew the circuit again. So I had no hot water and no electrical circuit. Last Saturday I texted the landlady in a panic and told her something was wrong with it and didn’t get a response so I got my daughter’s partner to come look at it as he’s a certified electrician. 

He managed to get the circuit back on but shut down the boiler because it was causing the problem and told me I needed someone with more experience than him. 

That was fair enough and I told the landlady. She turned up on Wednesday with three family members and Delivery Guy in tow to look at it. Delivery Guy and the family members tested everything and then switched on the boiler again. 

Bye bye circuit. 

They turned the boiler off again and then switched on the electrical circuit and said they’d be back yesterday to fix it. Despite three texts and a couple of calls, nobody turned up. At this point I’d been without hot water for a week and having to strip wash in the bloody sink using the kettle for hot water. 

This morning I’ve just been woken up by the landlady and the Delivery Guy who had a new boiler in tow and are currently roaming around my bathroom doing strange things. 

I’m about to lose my damn mind. 

I don’t like people in my apartment, it’s my sanctuary, I don’t like having things go wrong when I can’t fix it myself and I sure as shit don’t like being woken up to someone who stresses me out to hell and back knocking on my door. 

Stress levels are through the roof. 


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