Strange Days

I couldn’t sleep properly last night and finally managed to doze off somewhere around 5am this morning. I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop my mind from working, it just kept on going despite my insistence that it needed to shut the fuck up for two minutes together. 

I was woken again at around midday by my daughter calling to tell me she was coming to visit. Normally I wouldn’t mind too much but I was in the middle of a nightmare I can’t remember and it jolted me right into wakefulness. I’m not a happy camper when that happens. 

Anyway, despite wanting to clean the apartment and get a ton of stuff done, I just couldn’t muster up any energy for it whatsoever. That really annoyed me. I wanted to get stuff done and just…couldn’t. 

In the end I played Diablo III until 6 o’clock when I was picked up to go to a staff meeting. 

I absolutely love working as an event steward because it’s different every day and I never really did fit into office culture. Too much backstabbing and gossip punctuated with the same paperwork day in and day out. Most of my colleagues are the same and we love what we do. 

When you bring us all together in one room for a meeting, half the time we’re cracking jokes and the rest of the time catching up with each other while bits and pieces of information get slotted into the conversation by our bosses. It’s chaotic and messy and absolutely wonderful. 

That’s the kind of place I love working at. There’s no manners, no finesse and no expectations. Just be who you are and you’ll find your people in the crowd. You can stand out and blend in at the same time and so does everyone else. 

I’m home now and exhausted from interacting with everyone (which is weird considering how little I’ve done) but I’m content. 

I hope you are too 😊


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