Working Tonight

Tonight I’m being a steward at a rugby game. I like rugby fans, they’re well-behaved, mostly polite and just there for the fun and atmosphere. It’s a stark contrast to football fans who can (and do) tell you that you’re an idiot because they’ve gone to the wrong stand, tell you that they’ve been ordered all over the place by other stewards and aren’t moving and occasionally like a scrap in the car park when all’s said and done. 

In a way, I treat work like exposure therapy. When I hit the pit that makes me want to hide from the world and never deal with humans ever again, work is the one place I can’t do that. It makes me have to interact with people, makes me have to think, makes me have to consider each and every aspect of the crowd’s mood at every second and you can’t take your eye off the ball. 

When you see people having fun and they come up to you and drag you into silly conversations about whether the leprechaun hat or traffic cone hat looks better, it’s hard to stay in the dark pit. Sure, by the end of it I want to curl up and hide, but the payoff of being outside the house and seeing things I couldn’t afford usually while being paid to do so makes it completely worthwhile. 

I think anything work-related is the one area I don’t ignore or put off until later. Cleaning the apartment? Meh, I’ll do it later. Washing up? That can wait a while. Get clothes sorted for work? Done 20 minutes ago and hanging up ready for when I need them. 

I guess it’s because I love this job so much that I’ll do almost anything to keep it and that often means I’ll put everyone ahead of myself to make sure that they’re all happy before I give in to being tired.

Soon festival season will start and I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be my first one because I missed it by a month last year when I joined the company and having worked a smaller one at the end of the season, I know it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be cold, painful and tiring and that just on the days when the rain doesn’t hit us. 

This month and next month are the gear up months when we get everything ready for spending days away from home and come back smelling like we’ve been living in a sewage plant for a week so expect to see a few posts about what goes into being a steward over the summer months!

For now, the food shopping needs doing so I’ll leave it there and update with how the match went tomorrow. 


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