I think I’m alive

Castleford Tigers beat Leeds Rhinos

My eyes are open, I’ve had coffee and I’m even talking. That means I’m alive, right? I certainly feel like I’ve been dragged through the hedges a bit and poor Mister has hurt his shoulder at last night’s game. 

Before the game even started, we were on car park duty which isn’t much fun when drivers are growling at you because they want to get in and you only have so many spaces to manage it with, but my friend was with me so we spent a lot of the time in between parking cars having a giggle about life, the universe and everything and one guy who drove the coach for the away players brought me, Mister and my friend a flapjack each. 

I swear, I could wax lyrical about that flapjack. It was like my childhood had come and smacked me dead centre of the forehead and then teased my tastebuds with the promise of heaven. The three of us talked about it for ten minutes it was that good!

When the game kicked off, we moved inside to work on the terraces which, up until last night, had sounded like some mythical creature that involved fun and adventure and possibly a sword. Well, not the sword but still, as I’d only ever worked outside the stadium until last night, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. 

Me and Mister got set to work the family area which usually just involves telling people they can’t smoke in that bit and they just have to move two feet to the left or right. Unfortunately, the away team were having their asses handed to them. That meant the crowd was way rowdier than usual. 

We did have a giggle with the group of girls we nicknamed the Tanned Teenaged Trio because they were rather obviously attempting to flirt with Mister and he was a little squicked out considering they were no older than 14 and he’s 29 next month. In the end I felt sorry for him and told him to give me a kiss in front of them which got me more than one glare but at least the heat was off him. 

About 35 minutes in, another steward came rushing by and Mister was dragged over to another part of the terrace while I was left to fend for myself with a group of around 15 boys who were about 12 years old and determined to chant their little hearts out. 

Somehow I managed to get them on a timer for chanting so that when there was 20 minutes left, they got one chant, at 15 minutes they got another and at ten minutes they got two chants before giving up for the night. They were good lads although very cheeky. I told them chant time was done so they immediately started chanting, ‘be quiet for the steward!” For about five minutes. 

Thankfully at that point I had to go stand pitch side with Mister who was nursing his shoulder and ended up having a nice game of high five with a four year old girl who was attending her first game ever and was adorable as anything. 

Finally, after the home team won 66-10, everyone started filing out. 

Once the stands were clear, I asked Mister what was going on with his shoulder and he told me he’d had to dive into a fight because a teenaged away fan was having his backside handed to him by three home fans and one of them had managed to get a punch or two in at him. 

I was so glad when we were finally stood down because it was one of the hardest rugby games I’ve worked.

You’d have thought that’d be the end of the fun and games, but no. We ended up having to wait half an hour to get out of the car park and the traffic was horrible! We finished our shift at 10pm and should have been home around 10:45pm but didn’t actually get back until 11:45pm by which point I didn’t care about anything but getting into bed. 

That was the last I remember until my daughter woke me up at 10:30 by ringing me and telling me that she was going to be visiting and was already on the bus. Yay. I love her to bits but being half-asleep, I had no clue what year it was, never mind what she was trying to tell me. 

About an hour after that she called me to tell me that the ‘shortcut’ bus she’d taken had dropped her off far from where we live and so we spent half an hour directing her over the phone while using Google Maps on Mister’s phone. 

Poor thing looked half drowned when she walked in thanks to the rain. 

I think she must be tired though because she managed a half an hour of conversation before she fell asleep on the settee. I’m letting her have another hour and then I’ll wake her up so her sleep pattern isn’t ruined. 

So, there you have it, last night’s game and today’s wake up call 😊


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