That was an interesting night. 

Waiting to be deployed at the stadium

Last night I learned that I love Geordie folk. They’re loud, they’re rowdy and they’re a whole heap of fun. 

I got quite a few indecent proposals last night from some of the drunker parts of the Newcastle contingent but, for some reason I can’t fathom, they refused to ask Mister’s permission before I’d go on a date with them. Sure he’s 6′ 4″ and built like a tank but that shouldn’t have stopped them. 

I despair for modern day Romeos, I really do. 

I did have to smile at one poor man who stepped out of the grounds to have a cigarette, not knowing we have a rule about not coming back in. My supervisor took pity on him and allowed him back into the ground after his first mistake but the silly so and so walked out at half-time thinking it was full-time and the game was done. 

Yes he did come back, and no, he didn’t get back in the second time. I felt sorry for him but there wasn’t anything I could do about that. 

There was another guy who tried to enlist my help in getting his friend into the ground. He was very nice and totally polite and explained that he’d given his friend the tickets to get in, but somewhere between home and the ground, his friend had lost them. Ground rules means no ticket, no entry and I pointed that out. 

He was totally fine with it but his friend, who by this time had reached my gate, decided to try and offer me £200 to let him in. I turned it down flat. I earn more than that in a couple of days working festivals so I’m not about to turn around and ruin a good job by taking a bribe. He wasn’t happy but he didn’t get in. Yay for assertiveness!

Then there was a guy who was hastily shoved in my direction by the response teams for drinking in view of the pitch. According to him, his friend had passed him the bottle, he’d had a quick sip before putting it down and that was the moment he was spotted and so he had to be ejected. 

He didn’t really like that though and stood by the exit arguing about it. (By the way, it’s never a good idea to argue with response teams, they’re busy with a thousand different things going on, ranging from jumping in to stop fights to helping children find their parents. They can, and will, remove you from whatever event by any means necessary if they’ve been told to and if you hold them up, you’re putting other people in jeopardy).

The response team eventually got tired of listening to the guy about how he’d only had a sip of drink and picked him up bodily and pushed him through the gate. That was fun to watch even though my anxiety kicked into overdrive. 

Eventually Newcastle beat Huddersfield 3-1 and the game ended with a bunch of happy away fans. I was glad about that considering I was working among them!

Today is a day of rest and my daughter is coming around to watch movies with me later and I’m really looking forward to it. All I have to do is contend with Mister who, for whatever strange reason, has stated that I should call him Lord Stormageddon. I could get behind that but he was walking round with his underpants on his head a minute ago and it’s hard to really respect an evil overlord that does that 😂

I hope you’re all having a good weekend!


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