Life · Sleep Issues

Bad Night

Yesterday my daughter ended up not coming round because she lost her bus ticket so no movie night for us unfortunately because I couldn’t afford to replace it for her. I was actually quite pleased with myself because for once I didn’t get on the hamster wheel and start panicking about it, I just got on with doing some cleaning and watched movies with Mister instead which was good.

I did get grumpy at him though because although I managed to finally shut my thoughts down and doze off around 1am, he woke me up at 4am when he was headed to the bathroom and promptly fell asleep again when he came back. I on the other hand got to stay awake until 7am because I couldn’t shut down again.

I wasn’t a happy bunny to say the least.

I really don’t understand why I can’t shut my mind off at night. I’ve tried it all, seriously. I’ve put my phone away four hours before sleeping, I’ve tried not drinking coffee for hours before sleeping (I was ready to gut someone that night), I’ve tried essential oils, I’ve tried exercise, I’ve tried absolute darkness and silence and more besides and none of it works.

I guess this is how it’s going to be because I don’t want to try sleeping tablets and getting hooked on them.

Today I’ve got to run to the bank and deposit some money so my internet isn’t shut down. Considering I’m feeling very grumpy, I’m hoping the queues aren’t too bad.

Gotta love Mondays.


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