Sleep Issues · Work

Easy Nights

For the first time in a long time, I had an easy night.

It all started with work.

We’d been put to work in a different stand to the one we normally work and weren’t sure about how things worked in this one, given we were used to the other one, but we got given a heads up by the stand supervisor and I spent most of the game as floating relief for the stewards who were guarding the doors and vomitaries (they’re the tunnels people use to get to their seats).

I did have to report one steward unfortunately. I don’t like doing that, it smacks of brown-nosing to me, but the situation was so bizarre that I had to tell the supervisor because it was putting the public at risk.

You see, in the stands, there’s a rule that says you can’t stand up at the back of the stand because it’s dangerous and even more so when you’re working in the upper tiers of a stadium like we were. I’d spotted a few people doing that in this particular steward’s section and went and told him and said he should probably tell them to sit down.

He agreed and I went on to the next steward to see if he needed relief and kept an eye on the one I’d informed people were standing in case I needed to run back and help him. I kid you not, the steward looked me in the eyes and slowly slunk back into the vomitary so that he couldn’t be seen. I couldn’t believe it. He’s a steward, his job is to be visible and available and he hid.

Like I said, I told the supervisor while laughing myself silly trying to explain that even though he hadn’t said anything, that was fine because it was near the end of the game. It was the fact that the guy tried to hide while wearing a bright orange high-vis jacket.

It was like that scene from the simpsons where Homer sort of melts into the bushes and that kept me giggling until we left.

I did get some dirty looks from that steward when we were waiting to be stood down but for once, I didn’t care. People’s safety is paramount to me, I treat it as the most important thing in the world when I’m at work and I’ll make sure the rules are followed to the letter so when I see someone breaking them or not doing their job properly, I’ll say something.

I kind of surprised myself with how much I didn’t care because usually I’m a bundle of nerves when I even think people are looking at me in a mean way so that’s one small victory.

Oh and the score was 1-0 to Huddersfield in case you were wondering.

For some reason though, when I got home, I just crashed. I got changed, managed to eat a packet of quavers and fell asleep and slept right through with no nightmares so today I’m in a really good mood!

I hope you’ve all had a good evening too 😊


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