Crazy Shift!

Today has been one of the longest, most drawn out and batty shifts I’ve had the pleasure of working. Normally we have a very good team working on the Upper Tier stand where I am but today we had some new people working with us and holy hell did I want to play Benny Hill so badly.

There were two in particular that made me laugh. They were working the vomitary next to the doors I was guarding and they took it in turns to go to the toilet. Now, ordinarily that wouldn’t be a bad thing but they were taking turns every five minutes. I’m serious. Me and the stand supervisor began taking bets on whether or not they could stretch the break to six minutes just for some variety but alas, they stuck to a rigid five minute schedule.

My supervisor is a brilliant guy and I always have a laugh with him because he really cares about the people who work with him and makes sure everyone’s okay, including letting me use the lift when my hip goes funny rather than having me walk up five flights of stairs. I really can’t rate that man highly enough!

Anyway, today for the first time I saw him actually go red with rage. I’ve never seen him angry before and it’s something I never ever want to see directed at me!

Needless to say, the two wandering stewards who were too busy with going to the toilet to do their jobs are no longer allowed to work Upper Tier with us again. It’s a safety thing.

Oh and, as an aside, Leeds Utd drew 0-0 with Queen’s Park Rangers if you’re interested.

I was hoping after that, that there wouldn’t be any more problems but no, I’m not that lucky. Traffic was absolute murder tonight. We left the ground at 5pm and have just got in at 6:48pm. Nearly two hours to get home! I was practically foaming at the taxi driver. Normally I’d be chilled out about traffic but the driver barely managed to string a sentence in English together and obviously doesn’t know how traffic works in the UK because he was cutting in, barging across lanes and nearly got us into a smash and that’s before we were even halfway home.

Oh well, I’m home, I’m safe and I’m having a nap.

Happy Saturday everyone! 😊


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