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Birthday Dinner

Today has been a little bit annoying. When I’m at home, I value the quiet, I like the peace that comes when I’m just hanging around the apartment so you can imagine how irritated I was to find that there was a miniature herd of elephants stomping around in the bedroom that’s directly above ours. 

No, it wasn’t the new neighbour himself (who seems quite nice), it’s his children. 

Now I really like children, I could spend hours talking to them, playing games and generally trying to understand how their little minds work. The neighbour’s children I could quite happily bite. 

I don’t think the neighbour has a handle on discipline because they run around, they scream, they fight, they bang things and generally cause mayhem. Every so often I get to hear him yelling at them to be quiet or stop hitting each other and things go quiet for about ten minutes before kicking off again. 

I’ve half a mind to give him a book I have called Beyond Toddlerdom and is a guide to handling children in a way that doesn’t involve shouting or corporal discipline but I’m not sure if that’s stepping on his toes. What do you guys think?

Other than that, tonight I’m going to meet Mister’s parents with him because they’re having his birthday dinner early due to work commitments. 

I like Mister’s dad, he’s a sweetheart but his mum is like a pint-sized Hyancinth Bouquet. I’m not even kidding. What makes it worse is that while she’s nice as pie to my face, I know for certain that she says I’m a gold digger and that Mister could do so much better than me. I know this mainly because Mister doesn’t lie to me so when I asked him what she thought of me, he told me exactly what she said. 

I’m in a war of passive aggression and trying not to play. 

I don’t want to play mainly because I don’t want Mister to feel like he has to choose between me and his mother but also because I’m not good at confrontation and tend to err on the side of being vicious when cornered and that’s something I’ve worked very hard to overcome. 

I think it’s going to be a long, long night but I’ll report back tomorrow to let you know if I survived the In-Laws or not.

Hope your weekend is going well! 😊


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