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Took a lazy day

So yesterday I took a lazy day and didn’t write because I was busy snuggled up with Mister watching movies. We got through the Taken trilogy, Paranormal Activity 2, The Magnificent Seven and Mamma Mia. 

It was a great day all round really and I enjoyed it. I’m glad I had that day for resting because today has gone a little bit pear-shaped. 

I’ve spent most of the day on the phone with my daughter trying to help her make an escape plan. 

Her current partner has turned out to be abusive. That’s me saying that, my daughter doesn’t quite accept that label yet but she sees the need to escape from him for a while. At least she sees the need to be away from him. 

He’s managed to cut her off from her friends, insults her, tells her he doesn’t trust her because she didn’t bother sharing every bit of information she possesses with him, has gone through her phone, changed the password on her Facebook so she can’t lock him out and he can see everything, tries to make her angry and then if he succeeds has a go at her for getting angry and has started constantly trying to flick her glasses off her face which I just know is her partner testing the physical boundaries. 

I’ve made her look at what he’s doing, truly look, and she agrees he’s not acting like someone who loves her even if she won’t label abuse. 

I’ll get her away from him if it’s the last thing I do. 

Wish me luck. 


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