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A very long day

Today my daughter came round and we spent a lot of time talking about what’s going on for her. It was exhausting, mainly because I’m trying to stop her repeating my history, but also because her ex-fiancé is staying with us for a couple of days and so I got to deal with all the emotional turmoil between them as well as what’s going on with her current partner. 

I have to say, her ex-fiancé is wonderful and not just because I like him as a person, but also because he was gentle with her and dragged out as much truth as she could stand to give and didn’t use it as a weapon. He really went up in my estimation for that one. 

We ended up all watching movies together which was nice and now she’s gone for the night. 

In between all the heavy emotional talking, we found my selfie stick that I’d been given as a freebie when I was at university. Yeah, we used it. #dontjudgeuswerebonkers

So now my daughter’s ex and Mister have gone in search of food and I’m chilling out on the bed. I swear, I don’t need any more drama, I’m already living in an Eastenders episode! 

I hope everyone’s had a good day and a good nights sleep 😊


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