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Crazy Days

When I last posted I was looking forward to peace and quiet. Did I get it? Nope. 

First my daughter got into a huge argument with her current (and hopefully soon to be ex) partner that led to him threatening to throw her out late at night so I had to deal with that. She’s okay now by the way. 

Second my body decided that I need to be sick from both ends for a day because, y’know, I wasn’t stressed enough to begin with. The best part? It didn’t hit me immediately, my body waited until I was out and about with Mister to suddenly decide that it hated me being actually productive. On the plus side, I got a couple of nice pictures while I was out in the sunshine 😊

Today though, while still not feeling too hot, I got to work a game with Castleford Tigers. I’m not sure who won because I was busy trying to stop children from going bats on the terrace I was working and concentrating on not throwing up. 

I’m honestly beginning to believe that the moment the UK gets some sunshine, all the kids decide that it’s the perfect moment to let all their energy and stupid out at once. Combine that with parents getting drunk because it’s sunny and that’s rare and it can lead to all sorts of shenanigans. 

Thankfully we managed to keep control for the most part and everyone got out safely and that’s all I can really ask for. 

So, apologies for such a huge delay between posts and I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!


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