Party time!

I’m sorry about the lack of posting yesterday, my ex-husband has a way of getting under my skin and winding me up to explosion point and I tend to pull back from everything when that happens so I don’t lose control. 

Anyway, today I’m off out for the first time in a very long time to a St. Patrick’s day party at a friend’s house and I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t get drunk because I have work tomorrow but still, it’s nice to get out of the house with friends and chill out a little. 

I’ve even put on makeup. 

That doesn’t sound like much until you realise the last time I wore makeup was for my Brother’s wedding last August so yeah, big deal for me. 

I’ll probably post a picture of me looking worse for wear tomorrow but until then, here’s one of me looking vaguely normal:

Happy weekend everyone!

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Interruptions Abound

I honestly think I’m going to go slightly batty. I’m trying to write and edit a story I’ve been working on for a while and it’s not going very well. When my daughter isn’t here, I can easily churcn out 5k a day in words if I need to and I can enjoy myself when doing it. Unfortunately, when she’s here, I barely manage past 500 for the entire day. You can guess how well that works for me when I’m running to a deadline.

I wouldn’t mind too much if people weren’t counting on me meeting that deadline but they are and I am.

Still, I’ve managed a respectable 2k today despite being constantly interrupted, having her borrow my laptop for ‘just one second, mum!’ and then being dragged into conversations about whether she should buy the blue shoes, the black ones, or the ones with batwings.

I love my daughter to bits but the last couple of days she’s driven me nuts and if she weren’t already 18, I’d consider selling her on eBay. I wouldn’t really, but you know what I mean.

With any luck I’ll be able to pump out another 2k words today and get somewhere near back on track. If I don’t I’m going to have a very bad time because I still need to prepare for Camp NaNoWriMo and I’m having a hard time imagining even being close to prepared. I’m going to be running from one deadline, to the Camp NaNo deadline with no break in between writing. Ugh, sucks to be me.

Wish me luck.

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Birthday Dinner

Today has been a little bit annoying. When I’m at home, I value the quiet, I like the peace that comes when I’m just hanging around the apartment so you can imagine how irritated I was to find that there was a miniature herd of elephants stomping around in the bedroom that’s directly above ours. 

No, it wasn’t the new neighbour himself (who seems quite nice), it’s his children. 

Now I really like children, I could spend hours talking to them, playing games and generally trying to understand how their little minds work. The neighbour’s children I could quite happily bite. 

I don’t think the neighbour has a handle on discipline because they run around, they scream, they fight, they bang things and generally cause mayhem. Every so often I get to hear him yelling at them to be quiet or stop hitting each other and things go quiet for about ten minutes before kicking off again. 

I’ve half a mind to give him a book I have called Beyond Toddlerdom and is a guide to handling children in a way that doesn’t involve shouting or corporal discipline but I’m not sure if that’s stepping on his toes. What do you guys think?

Other than that, tonight I’m going to meet Mister’s parents with him because they’re having his birthday dinner early due to work commitments. 

I like Mister’s dad, he’s a sweetheart but his mum is like a pint-sized Hyancinth Bouquet. I’m not even kidding. What makes it worse is that while she’s nice as pie to my face, I know for certain that she says I’m a gold digger and that Mister could do so much better than me. I know this mainly because Mister doesn’t lie to me so when I asked him what she thought of me, he told me exactly what she said. 

I’m in a war of passive aggression and trying not to play. 

I don’t want to play mainly because I don’t want Mister to feel like he has to choose between me and his mother but also because I’m not good at confrontation and tend to err on the side of being vicious when cornered and that’s something I’ve worked very hard to overcome. 

I think it’s going to be a long, long night but I’ll report back tomorrow to let you know if I survived the In-Laws or not.

Hope your weekend is going well! 😊


Crazy Shift!

Today has been one of the longest, most drawn out and batty shifts I’ve had the pleasure of working. Normally we have a very good team working on the Upper Tier stand where I am but today we had some new people working with us and holy hell did I want to play Benny Hill so badly.

There were two in particular that made me laugh. They were working the vomitary next to the doors I was guarding and they took it in turns to go to the toilet. Now, ordinarily that wouldn’t be a bad thing but they were taking turns every five minutes. I’m serious. Me and the stand supervisor began taking bets on whether or not they could stretch the break to six minutes just for some variety but alas, they stuck to a rigid five minute schedule.

My supervisor is a brilliant guy and I always have a laugh with him because he really cares about the people who work with him and makes sure everyone’s okay, including letting me use the lift when my hip goes funny rather than having me walk up five flights of stairs. I really can’t rate that man highly enough!

Anyway, today for the first time I saw him actually go red with rage. I’ve never seen him angry before and it’s something I never ever want to see directed at me!

Needless to say, the two wandering stewards who were too busy with going to the toilet to do their jobs are no longer allowed to work Upper Tier with us again. It’s a safety thing.

Oh and, as an aside, Leeds Utd drew 0-0 with Queen’s Park Rangers if you’re interested.

I was hoping after that, that there wouldn’t be any more problems but no, I’m not that lucky. Traffic was absolute murder tonight. We left the ground at 5pm and have just got in at 6:48pm. Nearly two hours to get home! I was practically foaming at the taxi driver. Normally I’d be chilled out about traffic but the driver barely managed to string a sentence in English together and obviously doesn’t know how traffic works in the UK because he was cutting in, barging across lanes and nearly got us into a smash and that’s before we were even halfway home.

Oh well, I’m home, I’m safe and I’m having a nap.

Happy Saturday everyone! 😊

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Spring is finally showing itself!

Pretty Flowers 🙂

My daughter actually managed to come round yesterday which was awesome but movies didn’t happen. Instead we ended up talking about makeup and boy problems and arguing over whether or not she could nick my good makeup or if I’d bite her if she tried. I won the makeup argument but we did have a lot of fun being silly. 

She did manage to borrow my laptop and forgot to pack it up on her way over to see me today but I’ll forgive her because she brought me an energy drink. She knows me too well 😜

We did end up going for a walk today though and ended up seeing the first daffodils of spring. I may not like sunshine and warmth (Winter FTW!) but I can appreciate nature coming out of hibernation. Besides, it was nice to just walk through the park with my daughter and talk about anything and everything. 

She went back home earlier and I finally got some outlining for my Camp NaNoWriMo novel done. I admit, I’ve been procrastinating a little on that because discord chat is a lot of fun but I got it done and I’ve even broken through my comfort zone and advertised for cabin mates for the cabin I made. I’m quite proud of myself for that. 

I do have work tomorrow though so I’m going to have to go and make sure my uniform is ready because I don’t want to be caught off guard.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 😊

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The other day my daughter was supposed to come round for a movie night but couldn’t make it because traffic was at a standstill due to an accident but she’s on her way today, woo! I’m not sure what we’re going to watch but I’m looking forward to it. 

In other news, I would like to warn everybody not to eat Sausage Casserole flavoured Pot Noodles. Not because they’re nasty (although there’s a feeling of strangeness tasting sausage and feeling noodles on your tongue), but because you will literally end up stinking like it. 

I had it last night with Mister and I went to the loo this morning and my pee stunk of sausage casserole. 

Really, Pot Noodle, really? 

It also gives you horrendous gas that makes you wonder if the walking dead crawled up your backside while you weren’t looking and have set up shop. 

So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, don’t eat it. 

I’ve also got my outline written for Camp NaNoWriMo now so I’m pretty much set. I know where the main plot points are, I know who’s in it and what they’re doing and am looking forward to writing it now, especially as I’ve made myself giggle a few times at some of the twists. 

Anyway, I’ve snack food to sort out so I’ll write again tomorrow and let you know how batty me and my daughter are when we get going 😊